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How Singing Brings Me Bliss

I started singing at three years old after I became obsessed with the musical Annie. When I say obsessed I mean obsessed. I was studying it, singing it, and was completely enamored with the songs that I heard. I would watch it everyday for hours, so much so that my mother consulted with my kindergarten teacher out of concern for my well-being. I can’t blame my mother for being concerned for her daughter who just wanted to sing and watch this movie on repeat for hours on end, but I think my mom came to realize that my connection to this movie was deeper than watching a little red-headed girl, she knew that I had found my bliss in singing.

Music is now my full time career. I am a professional composer who writes musicals for a living and I also run a private voice studio in New York City. I am in my bliss every day, whether I am writing a song for a musical or teaching one of my students. So what is it about singing that brings me, and so many others, bliss?


Singing is a way to let go, have fun, and not think about the every day stresses that we have to deal with. What I love about singing is that it allows me to be present. I am in the moment when I sing. I am not thinking about the bills I have to pay or the doctor’s appointment I have to go to tomorrow. Singing also releases endorphins (the brains “feel good” chemicals). It is both a mental and physical release!


The voice is the only instrument on earth that is completely unique in that no voice sounds like another. Every voice is authentic and when we sing it allows us to show our authenticity. It allows us to reveal a part of ourselves. We are able to connect to ourselves through song. We are also able to connect to others this way because we are able to reveal to the world a part of who we are.

The Craft

Exploring the physiology of the voice has allowed me to sing notes that I thought were impossible. Diving into the craft of singing has enhanced my bliss of it because I now have very few limitations when approaching a song. Having this deep understanding of how the voice works on a physical level has allowed me to soar with my own singing and has also allowed me to share this knowledge with my students.


Music is the most wonderful form of expression. Singing allows you to express a feeling through a simple lyric or musical phrase. We can express joy, pain, sorrow, excitement and love all through the power of song.

What I love about teaching voice is that I get to share singing with so many different people. I work with Broadway professionals who have made singing their careers. I work with complete beginners who have always had a desire to sing but fear has previously gotten in the way. I teach Karaoke singers who want to bring their singing to the next level. Folks who want to shut off from a hectic week and escape through singing. At the end of the day they all have one thing in common - they all want to sing and find their moment of bliss!


Nicky teaches voice lessons in her home studio in New York City and to students around the world via Skype. Sign up for a lesson and reach out with the code word “Bliss” to receive half off your first lesson.

This article was originally written for Finding Your Bliss Magazine:



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