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Zoom Settings For Voice Lessons

Online singing lessons work wonderfully over Zoom, but there are a few things we can do to ensure that everything is setup for an optimal experience.


It is important to download the Zoom desktop client as opposed to using Zoom on your web brower. Once it is downloaded, make sure you are in a strong wifi zone or even better, connected to the internet through an ethernet connection. It's important to note that an ipad or iphone is not ideal for Zoom lessons. A laptop or desktop computer is always suggested. Here are a few things to consider when using Zoom for voice lessons:

STEP 1 Check for Updates

Make sure your version of Zoom is up to date!

1. Click on your profile pic on the top right

2. Select check for updates

Zoom pic 3.png



STEP 2 Adjust Audio Settings

In your Zoom desktop app select the cog in the upper right to open your audio settings.


Zoom pic 1.png

STEP 3  Settings

In your settings:

1. Click on audio in the menu on the left

2. Uncheck automatically adjust microphone volume

3. Slide the input volume to about 75%

4. Under Audio Profile

  • select the Original sound for musicians circle

  • select the High-fidelity music mode box

  • select the Echo cancellation box


Zoom Settings 2023.png







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